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Treatment for Sleep Apnea Pasadena

Treatment for Sleep Apnea PasadenaSleep apnea affects millions of men, women and children across the United States. While it is common, it is not always properly diagnosed or treated, and symptoms can be easy to miss or ignore. Our expert in treatment for sleep apnea in Pasadena offers treatment options for patients with sleep apnea that can restore healthy sleep patterns.

In many cases, lifestyle changes can help patients with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is strongly correlated to weight, certain medications, smoking and alcohol. Our expert in treatment for sleep apnea in Pasadena may make recommendations regarding your personal risk factors. While lifestyle changes can be helpful, you may still need treatment to keep your airways open and the cells in your body properly oxygenated.

Our goal for your sleep apnea treatment plan is to restore normal breathing during sleep and to alleviate your symptoms, including daytime sleepiness and snoring. Sleep apnea mouthpieces are a popular first-line treatment for patients with sleep apnea. Our expert in treatment for sleep apnea in Pasadena designs oral appliances specifically for your needs. They are custom fitted to the contours of your mouth for a more comfortable solution and to combat the underlying causes of your apnea. They can stabilize the soft tissues around the throat and keep the tongue from falling and blocking the airways.

Some patients may need more aggressive treatment options, especially if they suffer from severe sleep apnea or they do not respond to more conservative treatments. CPAP machines may also be necessary. These machines maintain continuous positive airway pressure by gently blowing air into your airway. This keeps your airway open as you sleep. The machines can be adjusted either in a sleep lab or in your home for utmost effectiveness. Some patients may need additional adjustments to achieve maximum results.

Treating your sleep apnea can help you not only get more sleep but can also improve any sleep apnea-related conditions that you experience, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Contact our office today to learn more about available treatment options or to schedule your appointment with our expert in treatment for sleep apnea in Pasadena.

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