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Sleep Apnea Test Pasadena

Snoring is a common but irritating habit, but it may also be a sign of a more serious problem. Half of all chronic snorers may have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can increase your risk of heart disease and other major health problems. If you snore, our Pasadena sleep apnea test provider can help.

Not all people who snore have sleep apnea, and not all people with sleep apnea snore chronically. Our expert in sleep apnea test in Pasadena may ask you to maintain a sleep diary before your appointment. You can use this diary to note any symptoms that you experience during the daytime or the nighttime. These symptoms may include waking frequently to urinate, morning headaches, a sore throat or dry mouth when you first wake up and choking or gasping during sleep. You may feel depressed or have foggy thoughts during the daytime, and you may be more accident-prone.

Pasadena Sleep Apnea Test

During your appointment, our Pasadena sleep apnea test provider may ask questions about your personal and family medical history, medications that you take and your lifestyle habits. A physical exam and dental exam may be performed. If you have symptoms of sleep apnea or have multiple risk factors, we may recommend additional testing. This can be performed at a sleep clinic or in the privacy of your own home. The results of the test can help us determine the most appropriate treatments for your needs.

The sleep study will involve monitors that measure your blood oxygen level, your heart rate, chest movements and air movement. If the test reveals that you have sleep apnea, we will help you explore your treatment options. Oral appliances are a popular first-line treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea. These devices are designed to fit comfortably into your mouth and keep your airway open as you sleep. CPAP machines are another option. They use positive airflow to keep the airways open. Regardless of the type of treatment you use, you may also need to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risks associated with sleep apnea. Contact our expert in sleep apnea test in Pasadena to learn more or to schedule your appointment.

Sleep Test at Home

In some cases, sleep apnea test can be conducted at home with special equipment. Home tests are not for everyone, and you should consult with our sleep apnea doctor to see if you are a good candidate for this type of sleep apnea test.



Sleep Test at Sleep Center

A comprehensive sleep apnea study can be conducted at our sleep apnea center. Consult with our doctor for more information.

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