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Sleep Apnea Doctor Pasadena

sleep apnea doctor pasadenaSleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that can increase your risk of other health issues, including erectile dysfunction, heart disease, stroke, arrhythmia, depression, and obesity. Your risk of sleep apnea may be higher if you are male, older, or obese, but the condition can affect men, women, and children of all ethnic backgrounds. Our Pasadena sleep apnea doctor can help.

Symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, choking or gasping while asleep, waking with dry mouth or sore throat, waking up with a headache, or feeling unrefreshed or tired even after a full night’s sleep. You may not notice these symptoms, but your sleeping partner may complain of loud snoring that is keeping him or her awake at night. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the muscles of the throat relax during sleep, allowing tissues to collapse and obstruct the airway. This can occur because the muscles simply relax too much or because there are excess tissues or other structural problems. Our sleep apnea doctor in Pasadena can help identify any underlying causes or issues and create a treatment plan that helps you sleep better.

Pasadena Sleep Apnea Doctor

The complications of sleep apnea can be traced to both inadequate oxygen supply and inadequate sleep. When your airway becomes obstructed, your oxygen levels can dip dangerously. This places excessive strain on your cardiovascular system. When your oxygen levels drop, your brain rouses from sleep to reopen the airway. The arousal may be so brief that you do not even remember it, but it is often enough to keep you from slipping into the deeper stages of sleep.

Our Pasadena sleep apnea doctor may recommend a sleep apnea appliance. Oral appliances look similar to athletic mouth guards. They are designed to slip over your teeth and bring your jaw slightly forward. This helps your airway stay open and stabilizes the soft tissues in the throat to prevent collapse. Most people adjust quickly to this comfortable sleep apnea treatment alternative, and it is easy to use and portable enough to take anyway. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our sleep apnea doctor in Pasadena.


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